How to approach a third in a bar?

Where to find tinder threesome partners? This is the most asked question by most swinger couples and singles. Tinder for threesome dating apps are great places to meet the third. However, for some people, they think it is the least fun way because it is too plain and unchallenging. Some people also think it is a creepy idea to look for someone with a clear purpose of having a threesome together. It is not spontaneous, nor natural. Therefore, meeting your threesome partner in a bar is the least creepy way and also full of excitement. Well, the problem is how to do that. Not all people are flirting masters. Besides, this is different from one person hitting on the other. This is a couple flirting with a single. It could easily get creepy if you don’t be careful. Here I would like to give you some suggestion on how to approach a third as a couple in a bar for couples dating. If you are wondering about this issue, just take a look.

Act like a team, a unit, not two individuals who are trying to let out your charm separately. You need to know that you are looking for a third, not a date, nor potential candidate for a monogamous one-night stand. He/she should know that fact that you are a happily married couple looking for some extra fun with another person. Don’t you think you can get him/her on board on your own without your partner, because even if you manage to do that, it might hurt your relationship. The third should not feel any emotional attachment to any of you, but both to your relationship. That means you should talk to him/her more about your open and loving relationship. That might be able to make him/her want to be a part. This is the right way to do it.

I would name you an example for better understanding. When I was single, I used to go to bars alone hoping to be hit up by some guy and sharing a night together. I was quite open myself, but tinder for couples didn’t catch my attention back then. Probably for the reason that I didn’t hear much story about it. I met a swinger couple who took away my first threesome. They were both very good-looking. I saw them came in and sit on the table next to me. After a while, they saw me alone and asked if they could join me. I agreed since there was no one hitting on me. They ordered me some more drink. They were very talkative. They told me a lot of things about their swinger live and open relationship. After that, they started to hit on me. First, the guy started to lay his hand on my leg. The girl gave me this flirting look and asked if I would like to join them with some more privacy upstairs. I got interested and agreed. It was a successful threesome, but I think the flirting is more successful.