Thank 3rder for Allowing Me to Have a Perfect Threesome

My first threesome dating is with a married couple who are both the friends of mine. As you know, we are all open and we will talk about some dirty things together. Moreover, we have discussed about having a threesome together. But it all sounds like a joke.

That night, we were having party at their house. All of us had a lot of drink and we all were happy. Then, we came to dance together. Things changed when the husband touched me. I was exciting at that moment. When I came to see her, she seemed that she was totally fine with that. So, I allowed him to continue to touch me. Then, she joined us and she said that whether I wanted to have a threesome with her. I didn’t think too much because I thought it might be a joke.

Then I kept dancing but I didn’t say no. Then, she took my hands and lead to the bedroom. At that moment, I had no choice but to follow them to the bedroom. I was afraid that if I would interrupter their relationship. So, I asked her is it OK to do that. She said it was totally OK and they would love to do that. Then the husband undressed us and started to kiss us both. It felt exciting and happy. After that, I thought that I fell in love with threesomes. And they said it would be nice to do it again with me. Then in the following two months, we would have a three way in their house now and then.

But one day, they told me that they broke with each other. When I asked why, they didn’t told me the truth. They just said that they were not compatible with each other. So, I stopped having threesomes. But I was eager to arrange one. But there was no couple for me to choose. Then I downloaded a threesome app named 3rder to find couples in my area. Within a short time. I have found five couples who were interested in having a threesome dating with me. I was very happy with this result. Then I carefully talked with them and decided to arrange one with one couple who seemed compatible with me. They were also happy to talk with me on the swinger app. Then, we arranged a meeting to check whether we wanted to do that finally. And we decided to have a threesome the next day in a high-class hotel room. They paid the bill. Needless to say, the whole process was very great and I had another perfect threesome dating again.

All in all, I would like to thank that tinder for threesomes for allowing me to get some chances to connect with couples who would like to have a threesome with me.