How to have a safe threesome?

By safe, I mean both physically and emotionally. Threesome is often made up in such form: A swinger couple and a swinger single. I think no one wants to be involved with a love triangle and no one wants to catch any STD after that. Therefore, here I would like to talk about safe couples dating. How to have a safe threesome physically and emotionally on 3some dating app?

First, be sober and awake. In other words, don’t drink too much. You need to keep a clear mind to control yourself and other people. I can’t count how many tinder for couples I had when I was drunk, but hardly can I find one that is worth mentioning. I was either too drunk to remember or too terrible that I am ashamed of it. But I would name one just to teach you a lesson. One time I was in a threesome with two pretty girls who we met on 3some dating app. I was so nervous because they are really great and I wanted to impress them. To ease myself, I suggested that we should go to bars to have some fun first. After arrived, we ordered some drink. I was terrible at drinking. Just several glasses of wine and bear I learned on 3some dating app, I couldn’t name myself, but I still remembered that we were going to have a threesome. So I took them back to my apartment. Awkwardly, I couldn’t get hard. After about a half hour’s trying, I still couldn’t get hard. They had to give up and went back to their staying, leaving me alone there, regretting.

Second, wear condoms and one is not enough. It is very necessary to wear different condoms when penetrating different persons. Body liquids is an important infectious medium for STDs, not just between male and female, but also between same genders. In particular for people who have threesome with strangers like people on 3some dating app. You might meet each other in bars, clubs or on swingers app. You might never know each other before. These makes it even more vital to wear condom, because you never know who he/she has been connected with.

Third, keep emotions away. When you are involved with someone sexually, you should better keep your emotions away, no matter you are the swinger third or one part of a swinger couple. For swinger couples, you should always put your significant other at the first place. The third person shouldn’t be someone you have feelings for. I have heard so many experiences of couples breaking up for the third and there are also many movies about it. It can be dangerous and everyone should be careful with it. If you are the third, you should also be aware that you are an outsider in this. After the threesome, you will be going home alone, so you shouldn’t put much expectation on any of them. Everyone should control yourself and follow the boundaries.