How fun is it to have a threesome

Having a threesome can be extremely fun, however also complicated at the same time. And today, I am going to share my own kinkd dating experience with all of you, the swingers who live a swinging lifestyle. And you will have a thorough idea of how much having a threesome can be.

I recall the very first time that the idea of trying out having a tinder threesome ever came to my mind, is that when my best friend Shirley started bragging about her first threesome experience with a stunning couple from Cape Town. So I thought: why couldn’t I have the similar experience too and make the most out of my youth during which I can still constantly step out of my comfort zone without any worries?

With the help of Shirley, I signed up on the most powerful threesome dating app call, where you can find a mass amount of couples seeking women women seeing couples as well as singles who are looking for random three way partners. As a young woman, I got thousands of requests of meeting up from different kinds of couples and singles everyday, which is exciting but also a little bit intimidating. Thanks to my friend Shirley, I developed an effective and useful way to sort out who exactly suits me and who don’t. Within a week, I successfully found the couple who is interested in threesome dating, polyamorous dating, kinky dating as well as bisexual dating just like me. And meeting them in real life for the first time, was just like meeting an old friend for ages. With the intention to have a threesome at the first place, I ended up being really good friends with the couple: we spent a lot of time together; we never ran out of stuff to talk about and we care about each other a lot.

Regardless of the idea that the society imposes on us, I really felt that we are the walking stereotype of perfect three way couple. And being able to connect with each other is not even the best part. When they led me to the bedroom where was filled with erotic scent from the scented candles, when they started touching me with their skilled and soft hands, then their tongue started to rub with my skin, when the final part finally happened….it was beyond any words and one word to describe it was magnificent.

Now ask me again: how fun is it to have a three way relationship? It can be fun, more than you have imagined. However, a fun threesome experience requires patience and efforts which a lot of people who would not love to give. However, if you would like to work on having a great threesome, the sublime experience will finally come to you and you will definitely have the time of your life. Live the present and find your compatible three way partner on