The Only Tinder for Threesome in My Heart

During the past few years, I have changed many tinder threesome dating partners because I was not able to get satisfied with the same couple after dating with each other for several months. If you ask me, I will say that starting a new relationship is quite easy thanks to 3rder app which is the only tinder for threesomes in mu heart. Since four years I knew this app from a dating website, I have been staying here all the time and cannot imagine what will happen if I quit this swingers app one day.

As an exclusive threesome app for people who love to live a wild lifestyle, 3rder seized me at the very beginning when I started my bi dating life four years ago. Before I tried it, I indeed used a few apps of this kind but they were all approved to be useless apps because they were full of scammers and false information. I was so disappointed at that time even though I still believed that there would be an app can really help me with my difficulties and then I came across 3rder by accident.

I was searching for something has nothing to do with threesomes on the line and I was led to an app review website made by the famous app named Tinder. I found an article related to threesome app and there was a list of several new apps released in recent months. 3rder was on the list and I came to the app store searching for it and downloading it on my phone immediately. To be honest, I didn’t think this app is the one I was looking for at that moment but I found I was wrong only after a couple of days of using it.

Even if there were a lot of glitches since it just made its first launch, the concept of 3rder amazed me because it was the only app worked similarly to Tinder app on the market. I started swiping right to like people and swiping left to pass them. Only with the free rounds of match every day, I was surprised to find I could get dozens of different matches while I only had to spend at most 2 hours here. Thanks to the large user database, I could always meet new friends and make conversations with them because I upgraded my membership with a little money.

Then, all the things proved 3rder was totally worth my money and time. I successfully made my first threesome dating with a couple from my next province about three months later and from then on I kept my threesome life until now. I have to admit that those new apps look really good, but I’m not willing to try them even though I often get into new relationships. 3rder is just the only tinder for threesomes in my heart forever.