A Lovely Tinder App Helps me Realize My Dream of Threesomes

I have been in several relationships with different girls in the past few years and I can tell you that I didn’t want to break up with them. However, all of them wanted to cater to fulfill my kinky sexual desire so I had to say goodbye to them and came to my next girl. When I broke up with my current girlfriend about a few weeks ago, I understood suddenly that I cannot live such a lifestyle anymore because the reality has proved to me that finding a girl who is willing to engage a threesome dating with me and another man doesn’t work for me.

Although I knew it is difficult for me to meet my ideal girl. I really didn’t have any other way to make my dream come true at that moment. But all the things were going in the right way as I wish when I came across a tinder for threesomes dating app called 3rder one day. I knew it from one of the biggest threesome based apps on which I began to recognize that I was on a totally wrong way before and I must say sorry to those girls.

I started my dating trip on 3rder immediately. It didn’t take me much time to create my personal profile on this dating app because of its simple registration steps and responsive system. After I submitted my personal profile and verify photo, I was able to search for my suitable partners and my profile was available for all members to browse as well. Whenever I found someone I was interested in, I could add them to my favorite list and sometimes I was allowed to send messages to them. Except for instant messages, I also had full access to other basic dating features to promote the process of my first dating with my potential matches.

After using 3rder about two months, I thought it was the time to make an appointment with the couple who I always can have a good conversation with. I sent them a message to invite them for dinner and have something exciting after a meal and they knew what I meant of course. They readily agreed to my proposal and kept the appointment on time. What I can say about our meeting for the first time is that it is definitely one of the most memorable and most enjoyable dates I have made.
Now I have lived a threesome lifestyle for a few months. I also have invited some of my friends to join 3rder for threesomes or swingers because all of them share the same interest with me.

I won’t use any other threesome dating app except for 3rder

Frankly speaking, I have used many threesome dating apps such as Swingery, 3Fun, Feeld dating and some other similar apps but 3rder is the best one in my heart. When I was on other app, I spent a lot of time and money on them but in the end I found all my time and money was all in vain but thing went in the right ways until one day I came across 3rder app on a threesome dating review website.

That review website ranked 3rder to be the best tinder for threesomes app in threesome dating field and it highly recommended this app to kinky singles and couples who have interests in three way. To explore this app if as good as I was told, I downloaded it on my phone and finished the registration in one minute. Unlike other apps, I wasn’t required to input too much information about my account and other personal details.

In view of my failure on other dating apps, I didn’t buy a subscription plan at once because I planned to look around to find out if 3rder was the exact app I had been looking for a long time. I spent about two weeks on 3rder while it seemed all the things were going on smoothly. And it features are very useful. Although I didn’t have the chance to initiate a conversation with those I liked, I still got someone to send messages to me who wanted to know me with details. It inspired me a lot since other apps didn’t have enough real members in my area. So, without any hesitation, I paid money for a premium membership to enjoy this threesome dating app to the fullest and get to know more and more potential matches that I have found with its advanced excellent dating features.

Actually, 3rder app is one of the cheapest online dating apps I have met and it is definitely the most cost-effective one. As it is an affordable app for anyone to buy a subscription, it costs users $10 per month at most and less than $7 per month at least. It is such a surprise for people like me who would love to experience threesomes without spending too much money and time. I thought that was the reason why 3rder can be such successful tinder for threesomes. If you are looking for a secure and private dating app for threesomes, 3rder will do you a great favor with its great features and large member base across the world.

How to Ask Your Trans Girlfriend Have a Threesome?

Clinical studies show that most men fantasize about having a threesome about being pressured by two hot women. Threesome are sort of the most common sexual desires. Few men are able to manage in their life to achieve this sexual fantasy. If you are people who have a beautiful transgender girlfriend, you might have a thought to ask her whether she likes to have a threesome, or ask her what does she find threesome, but few men have the guts to do it.

Don’t be upset. Some experts said that threesome is common fantasy among men and women. Although your trans girlfriends won’t admit it, she definitely owns her unspoken desires. Maybe she wonders the tinder for threesomes as much as you, and she is generous enough to share the exciting experience with you. How to ask her? These below tips might come in convenient.

At the right time and place

If your trans girl thinks anything out of the ordinary is taboo, then it may be a hard task to convince her to bring another girl into your bedroom. Every girl should be unique, which is why you need to be close to her and discuss the three ways with her at the right time and proper place. The worst thing to do is to ask the threesome when you just start a relationship, especially if you’re serious about it, or ask her when you’re drunk. In both cases, your transgender girlfriend is likely to feel pressured, and she is likely to develop feelings of jealousy and being taken advantage of. If you’re in a serious relationship right now, the best way to talk about it is a naturally relaxed way. She might consider it because in this case, she has seen the trust and commitment in your eyes.

Surely she knows that she is number one

You’ve managed to bring the subject into your discussion, and she won’t necessarily say no.
You must now know how to choose the right words to suggest your thoughts to her, and emphasize that she is still the number one in your heart. This is important because women easy to be jealous. Many of them simply imagine their boyfriend with other women and get pissed off, let alone see him with another girl. While you might present why a threesome is a great sexual experience and who should be involved. At the same time, you need to let her know that you’re doing it for both of you, as a couple, and not just because you personally think it will be cool and funny.

Keep the sincere

You are the whole world to the girl who loves you, there is nothing worse for her than you are lying. Think about why you want the tinder for threesomes and share your thoughts with her. If she turns down the suggestion then, she is the type of traditional girl who doesn’t go further in sex life. So, that’s why you need to figure out the sexual desire of your girlfriend. If she is sexually curious on her own and you have the necessary skills to convince her on good faith grounds, then she will embark on a new sexual adventure with you.