Photo Tips When You Are on Threesome Apps

If you have signed up for some popular threesome apps like tinder for threesomes, you definitely aware of the fact that those threesome apps don’t allow any nude photos posted in members’ profiles. It is for members’ own good. But consider threesome dating is a special sex practice, there will be kinky singles or couples that want to see some nude photos before meeting face to face. If you are OK with that, then you have to know some essential tips when you are ready to send nude photos via message system or email to your potential dates that you meet on a professional threesome app such as Feeld app.

Some kinky singles or couples may think it is unsafe to send nude photos through the threesome app platform. Besides,there are some threesome apps that don’t allow members to send photos to each other, you will go through it by sending photos with your email address. If that is the only way, remember do not use your personal email address that you will use daily. Believe it or not, bad guys are capable of tracking down your real life by knowing your personal email address. Don’t be stupid to use your personal email address. Just create a new account and use it to send photos.

If you and your potential partner or partners start to trust each other, you can consider sending nude photos to them when they ask for some. However, you should know that even if you have exchanged some basic information and shared some life stories, it doesn’t mean that you have known that person in the other side of the screen. The best way is to cover your face and just leave your body out there. This way will prevent them to take advantage over your nude photos. Don’t keep trusting someone if he is unhappy with the photos without your face.

Don’t save those useless nude photos that you take. Usually, men or women will take more photos to pick up some best ones to send to their potential dates on threesome apps such as 3somer. It is not something foolish. However, it is dangerous to keep those photos in your album because it is possible for others to see those nude photos. What if your friends or families need your phones to check something and they will possibly get to see those photos that you do not want to reveal? So, just be careful and delete all those nude photos immediately after you have picked those ideal photos.

How to Make Your Girlfriend Have a Threesome With You

Know her inner desires and whether she likes it

A girl would agree to threesome only if she likes it. If she is not comfortable with this decision, you cannot force her to indulge in 3 way lifestyle. Observe the vibes she gives you. If she is a sexually conservative woman, the task will not be as easy as it seems. Set a good sexual vibe with a woman to convince her. Set the tone of sexual adventure from the start. If she likes it but have reservations, she would definitely agree if you are able to cope her reservations.

Deal with her insecurities wisely

The major reason behind a woman being too reluctant to agree for threesome or swinging is her insecurities. You need to know if she has got any. Women are insecure of their relationships and fear they will be left out if a third person intervenes in their relation. Kill all these silly fears right away. Have a good conversation on it. Make it very clear that you only want to enhance what is amazing. Let her know that you are satisfied with her and just want to taste something new and spice up an existing good relation.

Gain her confidence

Mutual trust is very important. Before you get another guy or girl in your sex life, ensure she trusts you. Remove any sort of doubts in her mind. Make her feel confident that any third person will not affect you relation.

Make sure she has good involvement in 3 way lifestyle

If she is comfortable she will be actively involved in threesome. Every woman has a secret fantasy. Let her liberate herself and come out of the closet.

Make adequate preparations for a fantasy threesome

Decide and plan a fantasy threesome for your girl. Figure out her desires and fetishes. Threesome maybe your fantasy but plan this around your girl. Make sure it satisfies what your girlfriend wants. Involve her in choosing the guy or girl you want to have threesome with. Let her explore the profiles online from the dating app of tinder for threesomes and social media. Keep her happy and contented.

Using the right words to persuade

Talking to a girl is always a challenge. There is no denying in the fact that winning an argument with a woman is a major task. So take it seriously and choose the most appropriate words to persuade. Even at the time of threesome, you have to be careful of the words you choose. Make her comfortable with the third guy or girl involved.

Combination of threesome

In what combination you are willing to have threesome with, it affects your partner’s involvement in it. When it is mfm, it is more likely your girlfriend may involve especially when you are a straight guy. If she likes to experiment a new man, your job to persuade her would be easier. It may take a little more effort to gain her confidence if you want an fmf. Women are possessive and reluctant to share their man with another woman.